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How to buy cooker?

Publisher:Venpole Electrical   Time:2014-11-13 15:43:19

If the promoters of the sales techniques no longer make you feel confused, then take a few minutes to master some simple identification method  you will be able to pick a practical cooker.
First look at whether the panel is flat  bump or tilt, choose smooth lossless; color look at the panel, a black German Seram crystallite glass and surface smoothness pure white Japanese NEG ceramic panels are a good panel, usually of plant and manufacturers adopt; domestic class A and Class B board, while also white, but the rough edges of class B board, no class A smooth; C-level board easy to yellow color, manufacturers often printed with patterns. Try to buy imported or domestic A-level panel panel products.
Then look at the bottom of the cooling fan, choose a large fan diagonal size of the product. The best is to use magnetic levitation, hydraulic or nano-ceramic fan, if they can open it, pressing his hand fan blades can press down about 2mm is levitation, not vice versa. Asks shopping guide to see whether the cooling fan to confirm the type and brand, as with AVC and other international manufacturers, indicating manufacturers are willing to invest costs. Thermal efficiency level will affect the life of the internal components, and good cooling fan will reduce noise during normal operation.
Look at the power plug, three-prong power plug should buy the product. Then enter the product testing. Product testing in five steps:
First, listen to the voices
The power is turned on, in addition to the normal sound of the cooling fan, you should not hear other noises and sounds.
Second, the test button
One test whether all key functions can be normal operation, eliminating key failure of the product.
Third, the test security
● no pot protection
Boil down in a working state whether the observed induction cooker can automatically alarm, usually in two minutes or so will automatically cut off the power supply. As Taiwan is Mrs. cooker, cookware cooker within three seconds left to start the alarm and stop heating, automatic shutdown after 90 seconds.
● empty pan protection
Empty pan is heated a little longer, is his wife cooker will automatically send an alarm and stop heating. Some cooker does not have this feature.
● Improper heating protection
Try placing in the oven surface iron spoon and other small items and then boot, usually pans not properly heated area of less than 65%. As Mrs. positive cooker automatic alarm when heated small objects, automatically shut down after 90 seconds. Some cooker does not have this feature.
Fourth, the test pans adaptability
Ohmic heating process, repeatedly taking the pot, put the pan action to see whether the normal recovery time of the heating is usually taken after 1-3 seconds will return back into the pot is heated, if the recovery time is longer than 5 seconds, indicating that this machine for cookware adaptability bad.
Fifth, test temperature
Check whether the appliance 100 ℃ temperature zone design, with matching pots and pans to boil water, look after the water is set at 100 ℃ gear can maintain boiling. Temperature design allowed will result in burn hazard, because a lot of protection is based on the internal temperature monitoring. In boiling water process, you can move to the edge of the pot 1/4 or 1/3 for 1-2 minutes or so, you should be able to continue to heat, indicating Induction heating function properly. In the selection, try to choose the temperature adjustment gear and more, at 100 ℃ to 270 ℃ between 10 or 20 if they can press in ascending order, the use of more convenient.

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