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Electric ceramic stove protection

Publisher:Venpole Electrical   Time:2014-11-13 15:54:50
⑴ overcurrent protection circuit when electric ceramic heaters cause failure load operating current is too large, electric ceramic heaters can be quickly blown fuses, automatic power load protection.
⑵ sensor abnormal protection when thermocouple or heat sink sensor short circuit or open circuit, the buzzer alarm, electric ceramic heaters into the protected status. The thermistor circuit should be protected within 1 minute, within 10 seconds after the short-circuit power protection.
(3) SCR overheating protection when the intake and exhaust port blockage of all, when the heat sink temperature measurement circuit detects the SCR temperature is too high, electric ceramic heaters should stop heating off, let it cool back to standby.
(4) ceramic plate ceramic plate overheating protection when the temperature of the maximum limit temperature (depending on the function may be), you should shut down the heating or power into the protected status.
(5) K-type thermocouple out of protection when K-type thermocouple placed outside the electric ceramic stove, or no close contact with the ceramic plates, electric induction than the temperature within 3-5 points for protection.
(6) when the fan anomaly protection work, or if the fan does not turn all the intake and exhaust ports blocked, electric ceramic stove is too hot to good internal heat, the electric ceramic stove shutdown protection, flashing E5 code.
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